Capernwray Dive Centre is a large flooded former slatequarry and now operates as an inland diving site mostly for training new club members in preperation for open sea diving. the Quarry is located near the village of Over Kellet, Lancashire, England.

The Max depth you will get in the quarry is about 21 meters (maybe 22 if you dig your dive computer into the lakebed). To aid with training or keep bored divers interested there are a number of purpose sunk objects such as wrecks or heleicopters to keep you entertained or practice your skills.

There is a small dive shop which sells some scuba equipment and provides air/nitrox fills. While waiting between dives you can spend the surface interval at the nice onsite cafe after building up an appetite from your first dive.

Marine Fauna: While you won’t be spotting any nudibranchs or grey seals at Capernwray there are fish including trout, perch and at least two sturgeon. Sticking fish food in your buddy’s drysuit pocket is a great way to start your dive with a fish mob spectacle, although not a recommended prank on novice divers.

Adult Sturgeon at Capenwray