Diving With Us

Whilst the visibility and temperatures around the UK don’t usually match those encountered in many diving locations abroad, there is still a tremendous variety of exciting and safe diving to be undertaken.

A dry suit keeps out the cold and lets you swim amongst a family of inquisitive seals. Or marvel at the power of the seas as you glide over a seemingly impenetrable wreck. Every dive is a new experience, with unusual features, strange colours, marine life, and intriguing corners to explore.

The club is lucky enough to have 2 High-Powered Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs). A wide variety of dive sites are visited and include St. Abbs, Farne Islands, St. Mary’s Island, Western and Northern Isles of Scotland. We also have club dives using charter boats that may be RHIB or hard boats. The Club has a dive most weekends of the season.

Harrogate BSAC