Learning To Dive

Your first step towards becoming a SCUBA diver start here by contacting us to arrange a Try Dive! At Harrogate BSAC we have some excellent instructors. You learn at your own pace a progressive training system allows you to develop your skills. Your BSAC qualification allows you to dive both at home and overseas.

Initial training begins in the safety of an indoor swimming pool before progressing onto open water training, This usually happens at Capernwray.

Harrogate BSAC uses the Hydro diving pool on Thursday evenings 8 – 9 PM, for training (you must be at least 14 years old). For Try dives there is a small charge for club funds which is currently at £20 for two one hour sessions in addition to the £5 pool entry fee. We recommend you make advanced arrangements first by contacting us.

Click here to Book a Try Dive by contacting us

Once you have decided to join, club membership fees will cover the use of pool equipment & instruction towards BSAC qualifications. The ocean diver course includes six theory modules, at least five sessions in a pool or sheltered water, and at least four open-water dives.

Training starts using the clubs pool equipment at the Hydro, here you will be trained in a safe closed water environment until you are comfortable breathing underwater and have developed the necessary skills to dive safely in open water.

Once our instructors are happy with your competence using SCUBA gear and controlling underwater buoyancy the next step is to train in open water at Capernwray with use of a rented Drysuit or your own.

After working through and passing the open water practical part of the course and passing a theory test you will gain an Ocean Diver qualification internationally recognised to the ISO 24801-2 standard of automatous diver with a depth limit of 20 meters.

You can fast track your BSAC training with a crossover course If you already have a dive qualification to the ISO 24801-2 Standard such as a PADI or RAID Open Water Diver. If you are a qualified diver see the following link for the equivalent BSAC qualification: Equivalency Chart