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Harrogate BSAC had their first weekend at the Farnes this year.

Going out on our D.O.’s Rhib, we left Seahouses to sunshine and calm seas and headed out to the northern side of the Farnes to dive the Northern Hares area, taking two of our new members for their first British sea dives.

After dropping the shot in 10m next to a 5m wall, we  descended, to see what was about. It’s still a little green and after a 40 min dive, it was getting chilly, albeit very pleasent and great to be back in the sea.

The second dive saw us drop in at the Knife Stone, after Brian dropped the shot on top of the spare prop !!

Off we went to find the engine and boilers and to see if we could get round to the south side to see the Abessinia.

Well done to David and Adam on completing their first British sea dives, with 2 great 40 min dives and no problems, I can see a great future for them in Harrogate BSAC.

A quick shower and then down to the Craster Arms in Beadnall for a meal and an early night ready for day 2.

Sunday saw a duller day but back out to the northern side for dive 1 and then down to the Hopper on the side of Longstone to see the seals.

Great weekend had by all, with great thanks to Brian for organising and for the boat.

Roll on June for 2 more weekends at the Farnes.

If you are interested in learning, or are a diver and would like to join us, please feel free to get in touch and see what Harrogate BSAC is all about for yourself.


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