Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Wolf at the Farnes

Waves Shape

Saturday saw 5 members out in the club rhib up at the Farnes.
After a challenging launch with big spring tides and very low water,
the next challenge was to fine the Islands, due to a heavy sea fret.
Once found we had 2 very good dives, the first on the ebbing tide was at
Northern Hares where Andy found a lovely Octopus, and a very rare
Wolf Fish. So rare at the Farnes, our DO Brian who has lived and dive
there for 20 plus years has never seen one around the islands.
So good spot and photo evidence as well.
With a second dive on Longstone to see the propeller of the
Chris Christensen, the stunning wall dive and the seals came to
play as well, As always the Farnes never seems to amaze and as always
something new and great to see.

Why not learn to dive, and come along and see for yourself !

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