Snorkelling is a skill that anyone can learn in a few easy lessons. It is especially recommended for children and can be a good prelude to learning scuba diving. By using simple basic equipment of mask, fins, and snorkel, you can then explore shallow waters and watch reef life all over the world.

Harrogate BSAC have an active snorkelling section, run by a dedicated team of instructors, which meets every Thursday evening at the Hydro swimming baths between 8 and 9pm. The excellent facilities at the Hydro allow us to cover all the key skills of snorkelling including duck dives and stride entry.

With all necessary equipment available through the club, we provide a complete training package and can qualify snorkellers using the BSAC snorkel training scheme as Basic, Ocean, and finally Advanced Snorkel Divers.

Harrogate BSAC